Free Through Recovery Provider Guide - Region 4 (Grand Forks)


Each of the providers listed below offers Free Through Recovery services. This includes care coordination and recovery support services for individuals with serious behavioral health diagnoses and who are involved with the criminal justice system.

An individual being referred to Free through Recovery needs to meet the eligibility requirements of Free through Recovery ONLY, not the eligibility requirements of the provider’s already existing services.

Community Options

Community Options provides evidence-based, person-centered services to individuals and families residing in North Dakota communities.

Care coordinators will:

  • Connect you with peer supports
  • Assist you in finding and retaining employment
  • Assist you in your education goals
  • Assist you in identifying barriers and how to overcome barriers by making appropriate referrals
  • Assist in finding housing

2300 Library Circle
Grand Forks ND 58201

Lutheran Social Services

Living out our mission to bring healing, help and hope, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is committed to helping people thrive at all stages of life by assisting people in finding their way – in times of trouble, in times of uncertainty, and in times of new beginning. LSSND has been doing this work in many service areas for 100 years and we are an accredited agency with offices in Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, Minot, Devils Lake, Dickinson, Jamestown and Williston, and have highly qualified staff working in communities across the state. Our goal is to help make a successful transition to living in the community and will work with you on any barriers, such as housing, employment, and recovery to name a few. Our trained Care Coordinators in the Free Through Recovery program would like to assist you in meeting your goals, working through challenges and enjoying successes.

412 Demers Ave
Grand Forks ND 58201

You Shine Too

Helping You Shine -You Shine Too is dedicated to making sure you or your loved one, does just that: “Shine” Ensuring that the rights and dignity of each person are at the forefront of every commitment will be made from the beginning and through to the end. Every individual has the right to live independently and the right to be involved with their care.

As a Care Coordinator for Free Through Recovery, I am committed to providing Service of individuals that will empower them with the tools while they “Grow” through their recovery each step of the way. While providing referrals and resources for housing, employment, AA groups, NA groups and counseling along with other services that will fit their need at that time.


HOPE Church

Hope Church takes seriously their mission to love well, offering a wide variety of support groups each week. These groups offer places of healing, encouragement, and community for those dealing with divorce or separation, abuse, grief, anxiety and depression, cancer, and unplanned pregnancy. Another support group, Celebrate Recovery, exists to come alongside those who are dealing with life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups. These groups are led by individuals who have experienced the specific challenge being addressed in each group. A small fee may be suggested to cover books, but scholarships are available so all can attend.

HOPE's Care Center is sometimes able to offer financial assistance to those who need a "hand up." HOPE has also taken on leadership for a new food pantry which will be housed in the Grand Cities Mall. The Care Center plans to offer life skills and health classes, equipping individuals to make healthy choices and meet personal goals. Most importantly, HOPE recognizes all people as being made in the image of God.

1726 S Washington, Suite S11
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Spectra Health

Spectra Health is a non-profit community health center that provides integrated medical, dental and behavioral health with a sliding fee discount program available to income-eligible patients. Spectra Health is community-based and patient-directed. In addition to our medical, dental and behavioral health care services, Spectra Health also provides a wide variety of supports including social work, certified application counselors (help with health insurance) and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for individuals with either an Opioid Use Disorder and/or an Alcohol Use Disorder. Spectra Health works hard to provide comprehensive services in a primary care setting that address all aspects of health.

212 S 4th St. #301
Grand Forks, ND 58201

F5 Project

F5 Project provides transitional and re-entry support for those who were, and are incarcerated before they are released. We pride ourselves on working on the inside to help bridge to the community. We help prepare people with a specialized entrepreneur mindset taught by those who were formerly incarcerated. We believe this help with character development, parenting, employment readiness, and social engagement.

We believe that not only is the person being transformed, but our community as well. That is why we have community meetings where our staff, the people coming out of incarceration and the community can engage one another and destroy stigmas. These connections heal worldviews, families, and communities.

As part of the transition and re-entry support, we provide safe and affordable housing with peer mentorship. The peer will help with employment support, positive social networks, and transportation. A peer is defined as someone who was formerly incarcerated that has lived in the shoes of the person they are providing support for.

F5 Project has homes and peers in Fargo, Devils Lake, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Moorhead, MN.



We help addiction sufferers and their loved ones get well and stay well through peer addiction management coaching and other support. When clients step through our doors, we want them to know that they’re in the right place. We help take the mystery out of this disease. Our coaches are highly trained peers who have walked in your shoes. They provide practical, goal-oriented support and guide addiction sufferers and their loved ones through the wellness process. We’re independent and non-judgmental and will support any path to getting well. We also connect families to resources and services in the community, including treatment, housing, employment support and other needs to help them stay on track. Our coaching is confidential and available to anyone for any length of time. We serve clients at any stage of recovery. Our coaches will help those impacted by drug and alcohol addiction find their way to wellness.

311 S 4th St.
Grand Forks, ND 58201

All Of Us In Recovery

All Of Us In Recovery offers comprehensive Case Management that provides client support in accessing services in the community, such as behavioral healthcare, peer support, housing, medical care, advocacy, education, employment, social and spiritual opportunities to improve their lives in recovery.


Community Uplift Program

The Community Uplift Program (CUP) works to assist individuals at-risk in achieving independence in our community. We work in conjunction with community resources such as Opening Doors and Thrive (a Goldmark program) in establishing and maintaining housing; Vocational Rehab, Job Service, etc. to assist in employment; SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, AA/NA, Peer Support, and other recovery services to assist along your recovery journey. CUP also prides itself on assisting a diverse type of individuals, with an emphasis on lgbtq+ and other minority groups.

Alongside ensuring that a person is stable in the community, we also believe that it is necessary to heal from the inside out, with wellness being the ultimate goal. We routinely work with area mental health providers to ensure a holistic continuum of care for individuals is established.

Grand Forks: 218.779.8796

Turnpike Fitness

Turnpike Fitness is a contemporary fitness coaching and advocacy program created as a different approach to recovery based on my own success story. From the outcome of my recovery and personal transformation, I gained the confidence to pursue a career in health and fitness. I first earned a certification in Personal Training and then continued to study psychology and exercise, earning a certification as a Behavioral Change Specialist. I came across the field of recovery and took training as a Peer Support Specialist. I created Turnpike Fitness from my combined education and work experience of Criminal Justice and Psychology with recent studies of fitness, nutrition, and overall physical and mental wellness. As a Care Coordinator, I advocate for participants to build personal confidence through my training and coaching program and also by coordinating participants to resources and programs available in the community. Programs such as NAMI (Support group for Mental Illness in Grand Forks) and any program required for stabilization in sobriety, workforce, and housing. The Turnpike Fitness program consists of Individual personal training in unison with behavioral change coaching and recovery work. As a trainer, coach and care coordinator, I will work with participants to establish an appropriate pace and level by building one's knowledge and respect for their health, behavioral change, and overall wellness. The Turnpike Program will be a team effort in creating and following through with personal health and recovery goals. The overall intentions of the program are that participants gain self-awareness, confidence, and skills in achieving goals and life change for the long-run. Turnpike Fitness strives to help participants, “turn the pike and get on a better route.”

311 South 4th Street – Suite #8
River’s Edge Building
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Centre, Inc.

Centre, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that provides rehabilitative services to individuals to achieve social re-integration. Centre has over 40 years of experience providing services to justice involved individuals in outpatient and residential settings. We understand the unique risks and needs of these individuals and the importance of collaboration that assists in making transitions and reintegration successful.

Grand Forks
201 S 4th St
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Contact Information

Kellie Larson
Free Through Recovery Administrator Region 3 & 4
Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division
151 S 4th St—Suite 401
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Office: 701.795.3069
Fax: 701.328.8979