Upcoming Trainings & Events

Overview of Mental Health Signs and Symptoms for Disaster-Affected Adults

We will kick off this series of disaster impact webinars with an overview of mental health signs and symptoms commonly seen in disaster-affected adults. This training will include a look at initial impacts on mental health as well as those that develop over time. Strategies to assist adults post-disaster will also be discussed.

Post-Disaster Impact of Substance Abuse

Being exposed to disaster conditions can cause individuals to question their ability to manage life situations. This decrease in self-efficacy may then lead to increased levels of psychological distress and subsequent increase in self-medication. This training will help attendees become aware of changes in functioning that may indicate a substance use disorder as well as effective coping strategies and resources to assist those who are struggling.

Care Coordination Training

North Dakota Care Coordination training is designed to provide Care Coordinators with the attitude, skills, and capacity to perform their job duties.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Grief is a common human response following a disaster. During this training, participants will learn about grief, the grieving process, and what happens when that process is interrupted. We will cover strategies and resources for those who are experiencing grief and complicated or traumatic grief following a disaster.