Community Resilience Conference

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You've heard of adverse childhood experiences. You know early trauma can affect individuals and communities for years.

If you've ever asked - or been asked - what to do next for children, families, and communites impacted by trauma, this conference is for you! Community Resilience Initiative's expert trainers will be here to help apply knowledge gained through social science and epigenetics to help participants build communities that are mindful of the negative results of trauma and are active in establishing connection, safety and well-being for all individuals.

You will learn to:

  1. Recognize how the brain has a complex and vital role in interpreting one's environment;
  2. Understand how environment influences (silences and/or activates) specific genes which create a unique version of you;
  3. Examine how awareness and education can work together to change one’s biologically and neurologically hardwired responses;
  4. Analyze the biology of brain function to better understand brain states and human behavior;
  5. Examine the impact of community to contradict adverse effects of epigenetics and trauma;
  6. Differentiate traditional methods and non-traditional methods of approach and care for trauma-triggered individuals, and MORE!

This conference will include broad knowledge of adverse childhood experiences and brain development, as well as specific strategies and practices for working with individuals living with the effects of trauma.

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