Translating Detox into Recovery: Innovations in Opioid Treatment

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Facilitating access to treatment for someone with an opioid use disorder can take many avenues. Frequently people will seek detox, but a common problem in many communities is that the number of detox beds available are inadequate. But not all detox has to be done on an inpatient basis. Ambulatory Detox is a commonly used service for persons seeking treatment for an opioid use disorder and can be an important first step in the recovery process if structured correctly and connected to appropriate follow up care. It is essential that any period of detox be followed by access to medications such as extended- release naltrexone. Please join us as we explore one organizations model for engaging clients seeking ambulatory detox and transitioning them to more formal addiction treatment services.

At the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of ambulatory detox within the continuum of opioid treatment services
  • Describe a model for successfully transitioning clients from ambulatory detox to further addiction treatment services using medications
  • Understand the services and supports necessary to facilitate long-term sustained recovery from an opioid use disorder.

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