Build Support


Prevention efforts that are well-supported with adequate resources and readiness are more likely to succeed.


Build support in your community/tribe by taking the following steps:

Post on social media
North Dakota adults believe preventing alcohol and drug use is important!
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Prevention works. And, North Dakota adults agree! Get involved with a local coalition, community group, or your city government and learn about what is your community is doing to prevent substance abuse.
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Prevention is cost-effective; saving, on average, $64 for every $1 invested.
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The majority of North Dakota adults (61.2%) agree the community has the responsibility to set up prevention programs to help people avoid alcohol and drug problems.
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Share the “What is Prevention" video

The North Dakota Prevention Basics video provides an overview of substance abuse prevention, why it matters, and what strategies are proven effective.

Download all videos

You can help spread the message of prevention by sharing the video with members of your community. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

View the ND Substance Abuse Prevention Community/Tribe Contact List to connect with community members already disseminating this video.

  1. Show the video at different community meetings such as coalitions, commission, council, and more.
  2. Post a link to the video on your City’s Facebook page or website.
  3. Share the video with service organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Sertoma, Optimist, etc.
  4. Share the video with school staff to play during parent-teacher conferences, classroom presentations, health classes, etc.
  5. Share the video with local media outlets such as radio, television, community access channels, etc.
  6. Share video with local businesses, faith organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc.