Lock. Monitor. Take Back.


Prescription drug, especially opioid, abuse is an emerging problem in North Dakota. And, overdose deaths in North Dakota increased from 20 deaths in 2013 to 61 deaths in 2015.(CDC/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, Mortality)

  • 1 out of 7 (14.5%) high school students report taking prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription. (YRBS, 2015)
  • In 2015, almost 1.5 million prescriptions (1,493,847) were dispensed to North Dakota residents, which have increased steadily since 2008 with 935,201 prescriptions having been dispensed (ND Board of Pharmacy, 2015)
  • 54% of people who misuse pain relievers obtain them from a friend of relative. (NSDUH National Findings, 2015)
  • The majority of heroin users report that they abused prescription opioids before trying heroin. (NSDUH National Findings, 2004-2010)

Lock. Monitor. Take Back. is an evidence-based prevention effort with the primary goal of reducing access to prescription drugs, especially opioids, by encouraging North Dakotans to be safe with their medications, including promoting North Dakota Take Back locations, and promoting ways communities can support this effort at the local level.

Stop Overdose