Recovery Housing Interested Providers

Provider Guidance

The Recovery Housing Provider Guidance outlines best practices, which must be adopted by participating Recovery Housing Program providers. expectations, and benefits.

Recovery Housing Fee Schedule

The Recovery Housing program reimburses participating providers for up to 12 weeks of rent for eligible applicants. The reimbursement rates are set based on the 80th percentile of the HUD Fair Market Rates (FMRs) and are specific to the county in which the recovery housing facility is located. Click here to view the current Fee Schedule rates by county.

Provider Application and Memorandum of Agreement

To become a Recovery Housing Program participating provider, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Recovery Housing Provider Application and Memorandum of Agreement
  2. Gather required application attachments:
    • Evidence of current liability coverage and other insurance–OR-- Written permission from the property owner of record to operate a recovery residence on the property 
    • Fire Marshal report or equivalent
    • Copy of contract that will be used with residents, such as lease or housing agreement.
    • Comprehensive Program Policy that demonstrates compliance with Recovery Housing Program Guidance 
  3. Submit Application, Memorandum of Agreement, and required attachments to
Review Behavioral Health Division Application Response

Once received, The Behavioral Health Division (BHD) will review a provider’s Memorandum of Agreement and notify the provider of their approval or denial within 15 business days.