Peer Support


What are peer support specialists?

Peer support specialists bring hope by sharing their experiences and promoting a sense of belonging.Peer support has existed in the behavioral health field for decades; however, its rapid growth in recent years in due to the increasing evidence supporting its effectiveness. Peer support specialist use their experience to:

  • Establish positive rapport.
  • Serve as a pro-social model.
  • Offer insight to the individual’s care team.
  • Provide support focused on advocacy, coaching, and mentoring.
Peer support is effective, and can:
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Improve whole health, including conditions like diabetes.
  • Improve engagement and satisfaction with services and supports.
  • Decrease hospitalizations and inpatient stays.
  • Reduce health care costs.
Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.
  • Health: Choices that support one’s overall well-being.
  • Home: A safe and stable place to live.
  • Purpose: Meaningful daily activities, such as job, school, or volunteering.
  • Community: Relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship and love.

Draft Administrative Rules: 75-03-43 Certified Peer Support Specialists

  • Public hearing is scheduled at 2:00 pm March 26, 2020 in room 210 of the Judicial Wing of the State Capitol
  • Public comment will be accepted through 5:00 pm April 6, 2020 to this address:
    • Rules Administrator, Department of Human Services, State Capitol - Judicial Wing
    • 600 East Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505-0250




WHAT is the Peer Support Specialist Training?

The North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division has brought in Appalachian Consulting Group’s (ACG) curriculum for peer specialist training, which is a person-centered, goals-oriented, strengths-based curriculum. It is based on the belief that setting a person-centered goal is the heart of the recovery process. Recovery is the process of gaining and maintaining control over one’s life – and the direction one wants that life to go – on the other side of a mental health diagnosis, substance use disorder, and all of the losses associated with those challenges. Attendees will learn the core competencies, roles, and tools of conducting Peer Support Specialist work in their communities.

WHO should attend?

  • A person who has lived experience in their recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorder who is 18 years of age or older.
  • A person who is committed to helping others.
  • A person who is willing to publicly identify as a person living in recovery for the purpose of educating, role modeling, and providing hope to others about the reality of recovery.

Additional Information

  • Attendees must be present for the entire training week.
  • There is no registration cost for the training.
  • Hotel rooms will be provided to attendees travelling from more than 60 miles away.

Find Upcoming Trainings Here

Additional Training Opportunities


Recovree is a software comprised of two products, a web-based portal for recovery coaches and an app for those they serve. The app is used to complete daily reelections and log experiences to identify challenges and showcase progress. Recovery coaches can view each reflections through their individual portal. These insights are used to identify specific needs, resources and even potential intervention opportunities. In addition, the portal is used to track time, notes about interactions and export information for reimbursement and grant reporting.

Recovree was selected as the winner of the $50,000 Innovate Recovery Competition through Recovery Reinvented 2018, among seven other finalists who presented to a diverse panel of judges. The competition was previously announced at last year’s Recovery Reinvented to generate the most innovative solution to impact recovery in North Dakota. Recovree produces peer support specialist software designed to create more meaningful conversations, intervention opportunities, efficiencies and data to ultimately improve recovery outcomes.

Can I use Recovree?

If you are a trained peer support specialist in North Dakota, you may be eligible to use the Recovree software free of charge!

How do I start using Recovree?

Please view the slideshow. To sign up, please contact Recovree.


Want to network with other peer support specialists? Contact Kristy Johnson at